Your Alternative Editor

Hi, my name is Andrea and I’m an accredited academic proofreader. If your English sounds like James Taylor’s in this song by Elio e le Storie Tese, then you need my help. Second me.

I always aim to work in dialogue with my clients, with a direct and personal approach that you don’t always find when you turn to formal proofreading services. Where possible, I also try to offer affordable rates (for unfunded or precarious researchers). This, along with my – almost twenty-year – experience in higher education, makes me a good alternative to the more formal services out there.

I studied for a BA and MA in Italian studies at Utrecht University (Netherlands), and I obtained my PhD at the University of Warwick. I’ve also held a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Glasgow.

I specialise in women’s history and gender studies, memory studies, and 20th century Italian history and literature. I do have an open mind, though, so if your research topic falls outside of these themes don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I have several years of experience in academic publishing and editing, including as an editorial assistant. I have (co-)authored books and special issues, and I regularly act as a peer reviewer for academic journals and publishers. For a list of my publications click here.

My rates for corrections (grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation, plus general content check) range from 13 to 15 euros per 1000 words; for a correction and more in-depth revision (academic tone, writing style, fact checking, consistency), I charge a bit more. I am also available for abstracts and conference presentations, grant and (academic) job applications, PhD theses, and books. Translation rates vary from 5 to 10 cents per word.

If you wish to contact me please use the module below, or write to me on my Facebook page: @editingalternative. In the meantime, the last page of my website contains some thought-provoking articles about HE and ideas to chill out online, as well as some relaxing snapshots from my offline editing retreat.

Instagram: @your_editing_retreat 
Twitter: @andreahajek79

Ciao! Mi chiamo Andrea e sono una correttrice di bozze. Grazie alla mia esperienza ventennale nel campo della ricerca, della pubblicazione e dell’editoria anglosassone posso offrire un servizio più mirato e personale rispetto ai servizi professionali. Dove posso cerco anche di venire incontro ai ricercatori/trici precari/e o senza fondi. Oltre a fare correzioni e revisioni sono anche disponibile per traduzioni (verso l’inglese). Le mie specializzazioni sono la storia delle donne, gli studi di genere e di memoria (culturale e collettiva), e la storia italiana moderna. Per ulteriori informazioni sulle mie competenze, sul servizio che offro e sulle mie tariffe, visitate le altre pagine del mio sito. Tra queste anche una pagina con articoli e risorse utili per communicare meglio in inglese (Skills Studio), e una pagina che offre degli spunti per una riflessione più critica sul mondo accademico anglosassone, ma che vuole anche essere uno spazio dove staccarsi dallo stress accademico (Your Editing Retreat). Buon lavoro!




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