Your Editing Retreat

Contrary to what some people think, being an academic is a hard life. Pressure, performance, competition…This is not a 9 to 5 job; it’s your LIFE. Like a merry-go-round gone wild. We love it, but sometimes, we just want to get off.

I want to help you develop a more sound relationship with, and critical approach to, academia, by directing you to some interesting articles and helpful resources. And possibly also transmitting a bit of harmony from my home – see the slideshows at the bottom. Kind of like an online retreat! For more  snapshots from my offline retreat follow me on Instagram.

1. Food for thought 

2. Blog posts by yours truly 

3. Academic rants, chill out ideas & resources

Dulcis in fundo, some delightful, seasonal snapshots from my offline editing retreat


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