My midsummer recommendation: The Feminist Revolution. The Struggle for Women’s Liberation 1966-1988

For anyone teaching women’s history and/or gender studies, I can highly recommend this volume on the global women’s liberation movement, The Feminist Revolution. The Struggle for Women’s Liberation 1966-1988, by Bonnie J. Morris and D-M Withers.

The Feminist Revolution offers a panoramic view of women’s fight for equal rights during the late twentieth century, as it’s never been presented before. Informed by a wealth of original interviews and previously unpublished accounts, the world of women’s liberation movements is illustrated with rare and stunning images that show the creativity and diversity of feminist struggles. This is a timely and brilliant tribute to the audacious spirit of women’s liberation movements, which offers renewed inspiration for the future.

With case studies from other authors including yours truly (in the chapter on feminism and music). Published by Elephant Book Company in collaboration with the lovely Conker House.


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